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Most photographers would return from a journey along the Pacific north-west coast of North America with a portfolio of stunning landscape images - beautiful seascapes, mountain views and wildlife shots.... but Nigel Williams has a different idea: he exploits his obsession for detail, along with an uncanny ability to ferret out all the hidden aspects of industrial, transport and military archaeology in any environment, to create a unique visual record of the parts that go un-noticed to most travellers.

The result is a book that presents a unique and unusual view of a journey through an ancient and beautiful landscape, which although relatively untouched by man (compared to, say, the east coast of North America....), still has sufficient mechanical evidence hidden away in the undergrowth to provide the basis for some fascinating images.

You *will* find the occasional gorgeous landscape, plus a few heart-rending sunsets - but if that's your main interest, this book is not for you. If, on the other hand, you like detailed textures (usually rust-coloured), old mechanical artefacts (normally rusty), and broken-down buildings (quite often with rusty bits...), then this is the place for you!

Because the locations are specified, and each of the images are carefully captioned with detailed information and anecdotes, this book will appeal not only to lovers of creative photography, but also to transport enthusiasts, industrial and military archaeologists, and travellers.

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Nigel Williams
NigelW369 Berkshire, U.K.
After a long career in computing, automotive design, animation, multimedia and photography, Nigel Williams has finally been pursuaded to let some of his images loose on the world! For more information, please see

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NigelW369 says

If you like the images in this book, but can't justify the cost of this large-format, high-quality book, you may be interested in the "Mini" edition: almost as much content, but in a smaller, much more affordable (a quarter of the price) format; find it here:

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