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I’ve trekked all over the globe documenting our rapidly changing world through photography, but nothing had prepared me for what to expect in Haiti after a devastating earthquake shook the country to it’s core.

They were calling it the worst natural disaster on the planet, ever. But I was pleasantly surprised with what I had encountered there.

Let me transport you to a place where something extraordinary is happening: over a million people are living in rubble and rubbish, and as aid pours in after this catastrophe the band-aid applied to this situation will have to come off, sooner or later. Who will answer the challenge of taking leadership and giving Haitians the opportunity to start over and rebuild, on their own terms?

The photographs in Faces of Hope were taken almost exclusively in and around Fond des Blancs, a small rural community situated 90 miles from Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince.

When I arrived in March 2010, I was enlightened and inspired by the warmth and spirit of the people of Haiti and their stunning tropical surroundings, even with the grim situation they faced. After my first smile I had fallen in love with a place that had been through so much turmoil, yet seemingly expected nothing in return.

Although we have been bombarded with horrific images and stories coming out of Haiti, it’s the expressions of the people that have left memorable impressions with me, and transformed my world. I realized that little things will make the difference in a time of despair.

It really is incredible what a simple smile can do.


About the Author

Terry Sebastian
terryallan La Paz, Bolivia, South America

Photographer Terry Sebastian's work has taken him across the globe to document the world's most diverse places and cultures; into the jungles of Southern Africa through to the plains of the Serengeti, the chaos of Nigeria, up the snow-capped Andes of Northern Peru and down the legendary Amazon into mystical Bolivia.

Terry's passion for photography enables him to connect with and inspire others to raise awareness on current world issues. His compelling work captures an evolving world, and imagery that perhaps can invoke thought and make one ponder: What's this really all about?

His latest efforts are in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that left Haiti in despair. Every face tells a story of survival and courage, and inspiration.

Haiti: Faces of Hope captures life as a country struggles to overcome tragedy and a turbulent past.

Publish Date  July 06, 2010

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Category  Arts & Photography

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leftyl says

You have captured the dignity, the beauty the joy and the hope of the people of Haiti. The photographs are wonderful
Barbara Loftus

posted at 01:36pm Aug 20 PST


adrsavage says

This book is superb and truly depicts Haiti today with its hopes for tomorrow.

posted at 08:23am Aug 19 PST


terryallan says

I am currently back in Haiti working and it is nice to see there is some progress, though in the city of Port-au-Prince things have deteriorated.

I am happy that the proceeds of the book will go to the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation.

posted at 03:24pm Aug 10 PST


VisionSense says

I have browsed thousands of books and when it came to voting for the People's Choice - your book is not only deserving for the quality of your work, but for your generous nature. Are proceeds going to a particular organization?

posted at 10:26am Aug 10 PST


stokie says

it is a great book

posted at 01:21pm Aug 01 PST


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