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The fox and the prostitute is a compassionate look at the necessary alternative existence of fragile and vulnerable lives that exist under the cover of night. These lost souls and chancers dwell on the margins of urban civilization, where they walk together in the shadows, night after night on the same streets, searching and waiting for what others want or discard.

As darkness falls it casts a strangeness across the landscape, where familiar things can take on an unsetttling appearance. Flowers and plants are synonymous with beauty and gentleness but here seen in the darkness they become part of the narrative, expressing their symbolic meanings such as pain, hope and wishes.

The fox and the prostitute both live dangerously and are victims to the world that surrounds them.

Their story always begins at dusk. . .

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About the Author

Steven Wood-Matthews
wolfmoth Bristol UK

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Publish Date  July 09, 2010

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  40 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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sibarber says

Compelling work. A bit pricey for me - any chance of a softback edition?

posted at 08:46am Oct 16 PST


redtreeme says

Wonderful insight to the lives of others and the psychi of the author. Intriguing , dangerous, sympathetic portrayal of an emotive subject. Great book. I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

posted at 01:36am Aug 20 PST


VictoriaWM says

Fabulous book - very atmospheric.

posted at 06:58am Aug 03 PST


1rolando1 says

I cant agree with calling the book "fun" theres a tragedy to it, some of the photos of prostitutes are haunting, simply because they they have been beaten black and blue by the people who make money off them. The analogy between a fox and a prostitute holds true - creatures of the night, cunning survival instincts, living in the realm between belonging, because they live and life is sacred, yet disliked because they live in the twilight in the red light .... i dont know, ...... i found the book haunting yet real, once you see this book you wont stop thinking about the truth it holds. The author of this book has put a great deal of thought into it

posted at 11:09am Jul 30 PST


lorach says

There is a significant poignancy about the title of this book and its contents. In mythology foxes are shapeshifters, allowing them to take on human form. I thought the parallel you made between them and the ladies of the night, was fascinating. Both are vulnerable creatures. Thank you.

posted at 08:06am Jul 11 PST


mysticnick says

After seeing the preview of your book, I'm not sure I would use 'fun' to explain it. Beautiful, moving, sad would explain it better.
I love the way the two subject matters cross reference and mingle.
The book has a great narrative.

posted at 05:57am Jul 10 PST


runningwild says

intriguing and strangely beautiful

posted at 07:08pm Jul 09 PST

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