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Continuing the journey from the book Back to Life now comes the book To Life Awakening, a inspirational book filled with original art beyond monetary value with soul searched poetry from over seventeen months of spiritual growth. Nicholas Clarke awakes from the darkness of the rat race to give life to emotions from the very soul influenced from daily ups and downs that everyone feels.

The interpretation is development and becoming aware of influences beyond anyones control we are surrounded by energy we can not see touch or feel that binds everything and everything is connected.

As to quote Nicholas "The meaning within this is freedom so people be free be creative we all can achieve" this can be taken as creative development as Nicholas has alway encouraged exploration of the arts this is part of the human races core to explore and develop no matter the circumstances against you. This is no ordinary work so be prepared for inspiration.



About the Author

Nicholas Leslie
NicoOptical Earth

© Nicholas Leslie A Journey into Arts/Humanities Exploring from The Year 1984.

Encounters Across Your Minds Horizon Peace be With You.

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