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Nico wanted to "catch and eat a piranha" and was inspired by Jeremy Wade of the TV show 'River Monsters'. 
The piranha mission was accomplished the first day and piranha soup was the delicious reward. We also swam with the Amazon pink river dolphin (Boto), learned technical tree climbing, visited villages and were shown medicinal plants. Exploring the rainforest, we discovered many interesting animals including four different types of monkeys, many different birds, snakes, caiman, and plenty of insects. 
We were guided by photo-journalist Leonide Principe, Vanessa Marino, and their three children, Geo, Kinan, and Kena.
They are know as the Treetop Family...


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Amazon Stock Photography
leoprincipe Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Amazon Stock Photography is a photographic archive about the Amazon region, which includes the publishing book activity, right managed picture selling, assignments, etc.).

The regional nature and people, landscapes, fauna, flora, indigenous and natives, is the main theme of the archive, but art, research, culture and tourism too are aspects that I approach with equal interest, specially the folkloric and ecotouristic contents.

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