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I am an Australian Environmental Photographic Artist who explores concurrent and intersecting themes of environment and National Identity. This book shows the two distinct styles of my photography and explores a range of personal moods that sit between the contrasting elements and ideas of Light and Dark.

I relate my attraction to any subject matter to my immediate subconscious personal state theorising that this attraction is the result of a natural affinity I have with the current mood of the environment and the specific subject I have identified.

As such, this photographic book categorises the images it displays in terms of 'mood' rather than photographic imagery type. Continuing the theme, the book has 'two front covers' - a Dark Side and a Light Side* and as in photography itself, both can be seen as entry points for exploration.

*Consequently the 'second half' of the book as seen on Blurb (the 'Dark' section) is upside down. In a physical version you would simply flip the book. To see images from the 'Dark' section of the book, right side up, please visit or email me / comment directly.


About the Author

Chris Gillard

I display my images on glass, giving them a unique three dimensional semi-transparent appearance (patent pending). In reference to this display method and its inherrent environmental message, my ongoing series of work is entitled 'Fragile Landscapes'. The idea is intended to serve as a reminder that the earth is a rare, valuable and breakable gift that should be nurtured and protected.

Fragile Landscapes is the beginning of my exploration of the wider concept of an Australian National Identity or self-image and its relationship to the natural environment; our landscape being the natural starting point in a journey of national discovery. 'Fragile Landscapes' (Series One) recently comprised part of the ‘Natural Selection’ exhibition held at Green-Wood Gallery, South Melbourne, Dec 3, 2009 to Dec 24, 2009. A number of articles have been written on my work and a highly favourable critics review of Fragile Landscapes appeared on the Australian Arts portal '' in early 2010.

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ChrisOne says

Thank you to both redtreeme and akorotko for you comments. I appreciate them greatly,


posted at 02:39pm Sep 07 PST


redtreeme says

I fell off my chair reading the dark side of your book. Stunning work. Wonderful book. I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

posted at 11:38pm Aug 19 PST


akorotko says

nice pics

posted at 03:48am Jul 14 PST


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