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The Half Seen World is an enchanting 120 page book in three parts detailing the inspirational work of photographer and storyteller Kenneth David Shapley. Born from an inspiring meeting with master harp maker Frank Seivert in 2008, The Half Seen World will take you on a journey into the mysteries of image and likeness. This book will open up new windows of awareness as you leaf through it's beautiful pages.

Part One
Of Water And Light

Part Two
A story "The Glittering Rhyme Of Meniscus Chance And The Sunlight's Riddle De Dee."

Part Three
Living Colour Silks

His work reveals a whole new word hidden right in front of us. It is as if there is a whole archetypal world of elemental beings supporting our own world. His sublelime images capture the hidden world of nature.

"Light tricks us in gances
Of particles and waves,
In images and likenesses
upon the waters we are made."

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About the Author

Ken Shapley
kenshapley Edinburgh

I create images, fabrics, music and words.

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BelindaJones says

Congratulations on an awesome book! I love the faces, characters and images that you have found and created in nature. They are beautiful and enchanting. Well done!

posted at 03:48am Nov 09 PST


oreelly says

you met my brother Mark, then he told me about yourself. I have just looked at your book, and I must say it is breath taken beautiful. I dont know how you done it, but your magic lantern camera has captured the hidden world of another dimention of our planet. well done you. from pauline

posted at 03:37pm Sep 30 PST


oliviamacG says

Auntie, Olivia
says........... thankyou,for such beauty,enchanting!
wishing you every sucess,you so deserve it. Blessings

posted at 08:27am Sep 25 PST


oliviamacG says

premance 1953

posted at 08:15am Sep 25 PST


kenshapley says

thank you.
you may also like

posted at 04:25am Aug 21 PST


LadySandra says


posted at 10:42pm Aug 20 PST


redtreeme says

Your work is wonderful, I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

posted at 12:09am Aug 20 PST


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