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Outside the reach of our perception exists a real objective world where things do or do not exist and events proceed in only a rational way. We can observe the objective world to create a partial image of it within our minds. However, due to the constraints of our observational abilities, our resulting image of the world is incomplete and includes gaps where information regarding the objective world is absent. To function successfully in the world, we always try to predict what will come next. Accurate predictions require complete information about current status. We feel fear when we cannot create a complete image of the world, because the incompleteness leads to uncertainty and risk in our predictions. Inevitably, to provide a basis for our predictions and reduce our fear, we create information to fill in the gaps of our individual and incomplete images of the objective world. We each choose to fill in those gaps according to our personal experiences. And, the resulting approximated image in each of our minds is a model of the objective outside world to be used for our predictions - an outmodel.


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Zach Stern
zachstern Washington, DC USA

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zachstern says

JE, thanks!

posted at 03:57am Feb 24 PST


jerryeisner says

Zach i saw your work tonight on the internet and also your book. The photographs are amazing, etherial, stunning, and inspiring! I could go on all night with superlatives but you get the point i'm sure. I'm a photography teacher in MD. and i will be showing your work to my students to help inspire them too! I'm sure you may get an e mail or two from some of our students who want to comment on your work or ask you some questions. Thanks for doing such great work. JE

posted at 07:24pm Feb 23 PST


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