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Robert Cattan
colorsavy White Plains New York,10606
I was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay and immigrated to New York as a teenager. My interest in photography was sparked by a high school art course. Photography gave me a means to communicate in a country where the language and culture was foreign. I later attended The School of Visual Arts and have been involved in making images commercially for the last 30 years. “I am not interested in just recording what we see, but more an idealized interpretation of the subject matter,”“By using digital imaging, a dry flower becomes alive with a new infusion of elements such as textures, hand painted backdrops, and added elements.” Cattan said the best way to describe what he does is “painting with light; not much different than the traditional dogging and burning (lightening and darkening enlarged prints), but with greater accuracy. My photography involves finding the mundane and creating beauty and peacefulness and emotion.” .

Comments (11)


Hendermith says

Very beautiful book!

posted at 12:17pm Oct 31 PST


jerryreed says

Beautiful layout, graphic design and images. Please see my book, love to hear what you have to say. See Jerry Reed "Gathered Light 2010"

Jerry Reed

posted at 01:52pm Oct 26 PST


redtreeme says

Beautiful composition. :-)

posted at 02:20pm Aug 18 PST


isandler says

Amazingly beautiful! Love the introduction as well.

posted at 11:30pm Aug 11 PST


frankLavelle says

Beautiful work. An excellent pairing of content and technique. Good luck.

posted at 11:54am Aug 06 PST


eloucks says

Ya vote!

posted at 05:41pm Aug 03 PST


miffymoo2 says

a really beautiful creation

posted at 01:10pm Aug 03 PST

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