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I did not write in the book so that the photography could be allowed to speak to the viewer without preconception.

So if you are reading this first please stop and look at the book before you get my perspective.

AFTER looking please read below:

On the Surface:

The book is an editorial photo study of the doll i.e. mannequin qualities in the female form and face in 2010 in various NYC locations.


The book has subtle aspects of the New York City urban landscape that will be familar to anyone who has ever visited or seen a movie involving NYC.

These 'dolls' move across the Avenue of the Americas, through Central Park, past the huge billboards and many people of Times Square, the business of Wall Street, past Chelsea's High Line with it's futuristic yellow plexiglass elevator and Strand Hotel. They roam St. Marks and the West Side Highway.

The models are the young upcoming beautiful faces of high fashion in this moment in time.

It will be interesting to see how their own lives progress and it would be interesting to shoot them again in the same environments years from now after life has had it's own further time imprint on them and the world they walk in.

Living dolls do not remain as those store bought and placed on a shelf.

In fact, tonight as I write this book description I hold in my hands Italian Vogue shot by famed Bruce Weber containing a 20 page editorial of one of the girls in the 'dolls' book, Kyleigh Kuhn, a beautiful model and kind soul who founded the Roots of Peace Penny Campaign. HINT: She's on the back cover...

A special thanks to Jules, Joey, Francis, Paul, Harold, Wendy, Bridgette, Virgina and ALL the models at CLICK Model Mgmt, NYC for making this book happen this summer!

In 'dolls' New York City serves as a microcosm for life experience. I know from my own life experience things are not what I thought they were when i myself was a 'doll.'

If someone had told me that then I would have laughed and thought they were being sentimental because I could only think in the moment I was in then and, as it should be.

These moments we remember - that we are privy to witness, this incredible beauty, combined with constant change in the world becomes the richness of our lives as we are all "DOLLS" at one point in our lives.

Beauty moving quickly through space and time with no concept of our own mortality. In fact, the beauty in this book is breathtaking much like the
artist muse of past centuries.

Interestingly today we think if beauty as a sort of corrupt, fashion thing and we often pass them off, sometimes very quickly, for the very reasons artists of centuries ago sought after them.

In a nutshell. everyone has heard someone say, "Remember when we were young, (insert favorite place and moment here) when we walked barefoot in the rain and our umbrellas blew away and .....
The story will tend to end with, " yea it's a shame youth is wasted on the young and that place; its not there anymore...but what a time we had back then...."

When I look at this book I get a tingle of remembrance of great moments of beauty in my life like when I was in college and met Rose Fenton a 'doll' from Hawaii, to me at 17 and at that moment in time; Rose was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Beauty does inspire greatness, great change, great art, great moments, great love, greatness and yes - great photography.

I hope this book can trigger a beautiful moment for you too.


About the Author

Olan Montgomery
Olanscooter New York, New York United States
I create my paintings from my own photographs. They are a combination of my photos handpainted on canvas. My work has a simple message: see the individual through color and light. by doing so, one's individuality can be more fully understood. It is a visual stimulation to remind people to simply look at one another and see through the layers of a complex personality. In our world today fame and pop stardom are sometimes reduced to “5 seconds of fame”. In some respects we can blame (or thank) the mass media for contributing to a jaded social value of “been there, done that”. Regardless, my work is an effort to capture an essence within that fleeting context and place it into a perpetual freezeframe. why can’t a nano-second last forever? - "Olan's pop art explodes off the canvas like fireworks, both contemplating and celebrating the beauty of the individual." - Jennifer Cattaul for MAR Magazine - July-Aug 2006

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