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WE HAD A BABY LAST YEAR. Our son Charlie appears in this book. But this book is not about Charlie. It is about Melanie. And, if photographs tell the story of their maker, I suppose it is about me as well. We are both photographers, Melanie and I. In his introduction to the book, Eric Kroll observes about us: "There is a patina, a soul to their young life together, that is held together by film." This book documents through the camera's mediation an extraordinary moment in our lives together.


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Sanders McNew
SandersNYC New York City

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dionmcinnis says

One has to be drawn in by triptychs...and can't turn away from the images. Wonderful accounting of a marvelous time as inspired by a willing and compelling muse. Great work, you two (three!).

posted at 08:54pm Dec 08 PST


khaugeru says

I love the story and the evolution of both mother and son. Excellent portraits and situational descriptions. The photo @ page 104-105 is fantastic.

posted at 03:51am Dec 07 PST


Curtisphotos says

These images are hauntingly beautiful.

posted at 09:19am Oct 23 PST


mtmartini says


posted at 03:28pm Aug 18 PST


TGhallab says

Beautiful !!!

posted at 08:38am Jul 21 PST


errokem says


posted at 10:06am Jul 18 PST


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