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Dwelling among the beauties and mysteries of the Amazon, the Treetop Family endeavors a way of life that proposes a direct permanent relationship with Nature.
This book tells the story of this family: Kena, Kinan, Geo, Vanessa and Leo. They live in the Amazon. But what’s more, they live in the
Amazon and its uniqueness. These are just a few essential words, and many, many
photographs to illustrate the atmosphere of the family daily life. They wish to share sensations, emotions, and feelings.
The photographic density of the book wishes to imitate the generous biodiversity of the Amazon and the growing permanent astonishment of living inside its nature.


About the Author

Amazon Stock Photography
leoprincipe Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Amazon Stock Photography is a photographic archive about the Amazon region, which includes the publishing book activity, right managed picture selling, assignments, etc.).

The regional nature and people, landscapes, fauna, flora, indigenous and natives, is the main theme of the archive, but art, research, culture and tourism too are aspects that I approach with equal interest, specially the folkloric and ecotouristic contents.

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dzelinski says

Great book with great photos! It's amazing to see the interaction of the family with nature.

posted at 05:31pm Aug 05 PST


iaraprincipe says

I quite liked the idea of the book and the selected photos are really wonderful, it has an indescribable charm. The idea's very good. Showing the kids getting in touch with nature give a special tenderness to the work and that captivates the reader. We want always to know more and more about them, and more, the desire to know how all this goes on increases when we turn over each page, makes us want to wait for a second book.

Iara Principe

posted at 07:48pm Aug 04 PST


Tjani says

What an amazing book! The pictures are stunning and I love it all!

posted at 11:56am Aug 03 PST


krada7 says

This is a beautiful book. I love all the photos of the children in the forest, they are such a lovely family.

posted at 05:41pm Jul 30 PST


Canopymeg says

I love this book! As the other treetop family (Life in the Treetops, and Its a Jungle Up There -- Yale University Press), perhaps we should start a Treetop Family club? The photos are delicious -- and great to see families share the special heights of the Amazon. Congratulations to this family, and to Tim, extraordinary teacher!

posted at 02:38pm Jul 30 PST

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