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In 2009 and 2010 I photographed, over a 12 months period, at and around Breaky Bottom, a vineyard in East Sussex, hidden in a fold of the South Downs more than 1 mile away from the nearest road.

After almost 30 years in the corporate world, I wanted to experience a very different environment. Spending time and photographing at Breaky Bottom became, for me, a meditation about life.

At the heart of Breaky Bottom, landscape, place, the people living and working there and the business itself intertwine to become one, giving Breaky Bottom its rich and distinct character.

This is what I want to communicate with my images.


About the Author

Axel Hesslenberg
croome Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
After 30 years in the corporate world I followed my heart and studied photography in Brighton. My interest is in capturing traces of life and time. Through my lens I create work, which expresses my delight in seeing. I am a ‘joyous sensualist’ in the sense Walker Evans talked about photographers.

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croome says

Dear spskelton, Thank you very much for your feedback. The book has 27 images in total. The price is driven by the large landscape format (13x11 in) and the premium paper I have choosen. There is one photograph on each page on the right hand side. The pre-view was set to the standard 15 pages, but I was unaware that the system counts the empty pages as well. I have now changed the number of pages you can see. I'm grateful for your interest. Axel

posted at 06:30am Dec 11 PST


spskelton says

Its a pity that there seems to be no inof about the size and number of pages of this book. The preview (which is VERY slow to load) only shows about 6 photos - and I am assuming that for £54 there must be more pages than this. If you want to sell this book, please expand the preview to show all pages, give the size and number of pages. Thanks.

posted at 02:33am Dec 11 PST

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