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I never delete a file, which I shot with any of my cameras.

Really... never!

Unlike most photographers I save every missed shot, every test, every blurred smudge and every completely psychedelic exposure. And honestly, quite a few good shots come from that!

So I have decided to collect a bunch of these misses from my photo archive and make them into this odd little book.


About the Author

Martin Joergensen
MartinJ Copenhagen, Denmark

I am an avid fly fisher and photographer and co-founder and webmaster of the web site The Global FlyFisher. I now work as a self-employed web consultant, but used to do computer magazines as writer and editor-in-chief.

Publish Date  July 22, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  60 pgs Standard Paper

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MartinJ says


Yeah, Danes are kinda mental... but in a nicely controlled and civilized manner.

And you may be right that this type of photography is too much of a good (bad?) thing.
I really don't know... But I was at least pleasantly surprised by my own mishaps once I started looking at them as useful images.

If you want something of mine, which is not blurred, badly exposed or downright crazy, just check out my regular work:


posted at 04:20am Jul 23 PST


MartinJ says


Thanks for your kind comment! I thought they were fun and actually surprisingly good. Can't wait to see them on print. My copy of the book is still in the print-mail-pipeline.


posted at 04:16am Jul 23 PST


kvapka says

Hey, Martin! Your odd misses ... or the “best” mistakes, as you call them, are so fantastic! Good idea to bring them to the world. Best wishes, Miro

posted at 04:07am Jul 23 PST


runningwild says

all danish people are totally mad .. occasionally this lunacy is positive .... this is more positive than other wise but i wouldn't want a lot of it .. a little goes a long way

posted at 06:34pm Jul 22 PST


MartinJ says


I see people deleting images all immediately after shooting and reviewing them on the display on the back of the camera, never giving the image a chance.

It's too bad, because many of their missed shots are actually better than their "good" ones... ;-)


posted at 04:12pm Jul 22 PST


zoecat says

A very clever idea for a book. You have inspired me to resist (I can't see myself fully committing) deleting!

posted at 04:01pm Jul 22 PST

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