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"Beyondwords: Transformative Thoughts" are selected phrases from Terry Fatland's poetry and lyrics that have the power to inspire and awaken.

In a society that dwells on negativity and a fast-paced life style, Terry's words directs us back to our beautiful soul and to the beauty that is all around us.

He assures us that we can go here anytime:

"We are this place called love."


About the Author

Terry Fatland
Terry27 Riverside, California, United States

Terry Fatland and his wife, Marilyn, along with our two cats, Chai and Munchkin, live in Riverside, California. Terry enjoys connecting with nature, as this provides inspiration for his writings. He also draws inspiration from spirituality and metaphysics in the form of books, movies, documentaries, workshops, lectures, and just life itself. As Terry was (and is) inspired by many, he hopes to do the same for others.

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