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April 2010. Haridwar, India. The Kumbh Mela draws to a close.
For hundred days, from dawn to dusk, tens of millions of pilgrims arrived to free their sins bathing in the holy waters of river Ganges.
They gathered from all over the country to attend this eternal ritual that cancels time and space, equalizes ethnicity and castes.
A slow, incessant, growing procession of ordinary people has transformed the Kumbh Mela in the largest human gathering the world ever recorded.

Tha aim of this book is to challenge the archetypical depiction of the festival showing the Sadhus, the holy men and point the lenses to the vastness of Kumbh Mela from the perspective of the silent multitude of Indian people with no holy credentials, that make it.

This book is dedicated to the people of India, the silent majority that attends the Kumbh Mela.


About the Author

Valerio Berdini
liveon35mm UK
Born in Rome, Italy in 1970, Valerio Berdini is now resident in Cambridge, UK. Photographing from a very young age, he has developed a personal language that merges a traditional aesthetic, influenced by the masters of photojournalism, with an incessant attention to the evolution of contemporary society. His photographic projects bring his cameras around the world where a transformation is in place. Valerio always seeks for eye contact. Either with singles, small groups or huge masses, hearing stories from people is the driving force to put together his own stories. As a live music photographer he is recognized within the International live music scene with an archive of hundreds of bands shot and has been published on numerous music related publications. Valerio work has been published in national and international papers and magazines, including Travel Photography, L’Actualité, Grazia, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent.

Comments (6)


harps says

simply colorful but amazingly interesting. i was personally present to participate in the Kumbh
thanks for sharing amazing pics

posted at 06:43pm Aug 19 PST


harps says

great share great journey thanks for sharing your pics .. its beautiful

posted at 06:42pm Aug 19 PST


harps says

just faboulous pics thanks for sharing the journey

posted at 06:41pm Aug 19 PST


paulasims says

A wonderful visual insight into the Kumbh Mela. Berdini achieves something truly special here - capturing a human gathering of epic proportions and making it somehow feel intimate.

posted at 08:59am Aug 02 PST


babarampuri says

The author is in no position to represent the silent majority of India. He should speak for himself, not them.

posted at 09:57pm Aug 01 PST


babarampuri says

Perhaps the author should choose a subject he knows something about. This book is an insult to India, and an insult to legitimate intellectual enquiry. This is a misrepresentation of the Kumbh Mela, despite its colourful photos.

posted at 09:54pm Aug 01 PST

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