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Gestalt is an art project which explores what it is to live in the 'moment' - that ellusive space that photography and other media imply but which remains intangible.

Currently being shown in British galleries.


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neil armstrong
neil_1955 Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England

Artist based in the North East of England. Recently completed a project in Hartlepool which was shown as an installation at Hartlepool Gallery over the summer of 2013 and more recently at the Toffee Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne. Now looking to show the video and talk about the project to a wider audience. The book here gives a flavour of the piece.
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neil_1955 says

hi runningwild - yes some are posed 'tableau' with actors (they are very large - over 3mtrs long so almost lifesize) and some are taken in Iraq by a bomb disposal team, then retouched by me.. and some are portraits made using uniforms from the collection of the Durham Light Infantry musem. The book here is specifically about this work (Gestalt) - an installation I am showing in Durham City Gallery in September/October. The piece explores the way we are exposed to the 'real' (in this case images of conflict) and how this reality is re-interpreted through various media channels. If you read the book it gives a much better idea of where i'm coming from. Part of the show also includes a video installation. It's not so much about war - tho I can imagine it has an unsettling effect. I'm actually predominantly interested in the nature of NOW (as in the moment a photograph shows but which exists only as an object). Does that make sense???

posted at 06:34am Jul 27 PST


runningwild says

is this "real" or "posed" .. some of it appears tobe war scenes, other pictures seem to be in a clapped out art gallery ... i find this confusing and off putting .. the portraits are good but what is this about ... i cannot relate to it at all

posted at 11:46am Jul 26 PST


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