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I will start of by saying, "yes I just went there" in a world where dress code is impacting Christian moral standards, I found an urgency to remind all; that the Bible still stands strong to its word, in a world where my generation has confused modest for worldly, in a world where this is deemed as a sensitive subject, I bring to you a book that reminds us not to forget what modesty is, how the Bible requires us to present ourselves- as women, that we are not to be conformed to the trends of the world but we stay transformed to the will of God.

For every woman that has ever questioned if their attire was suitable for church- here is a book that guides you and eliminates all the the thought process and still allows you to look admirable.

In this day and age churches are reluctant to bring this issue up in fear of loosing members or hurting some one's feelings- is it not true that as Christ like examples we need to lift each other up and also correct each other in a Christ like manner?

I present to you a book where I eliminated all the boundaries and sensitivity and did it all in the name of "Christ's love"


About the Author

Shekinah Glory Non-Profit Organization
generationX St Louis Missouri. Beaumont California

We are an International religious Non-Profit Organization, that has an array of programs that we do, the one that is linked to my writing is the "Books for all"-International program, in this program we ship out new and used Bible's, Christian literature, reading books and one day -soon my books to country's that are less privileged, our goal in this program is to successfully distribute as many religious books as we can with no limitations and boundaries.

Publish Date  July 27, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  100 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Religion & Spirituality

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