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I had a huge collection of photos from spending time in Hong Kong working for a charity called Crossroads International now called Crossroads Foundation. So I decided to make a book of the best photos to share with others.

The book takes you on a journey in and around Hong Kong from some of the islands to the city centre and the top of The Peak.

I have set this book up as a Blurb for Good book, where the profits go to Crossroads Foundation.

You can look up information about Crossroads Foundation at

About Crossroads Foundation
In 1995, Australians living in Hong Kong began Crossroads: a charity which now impacts more than 100 countries. It is entirely staffed by volunteers, none of whom receives a salary, and many of whom are likewise Australians.

Serving a world of need, Crossroads, true to its name, provides an intersection which brings the right people together to help. It does so in four ways.

Global Distribution: Even as people battle dire poverty around the world, Hong Kong manufacturers, companies and others pour high quality goods into Crossroads’ warehouse: computers, medical equipment, educational supplies, clothing, household goods, books, electrical goods and more. The Government of the Hong Kong SAR provides Crossroads with 200,000 square feet of storage. With any one dollar donated, Crossroads can therefore send goods worth at least twenty dollars.

Global Hand: In today’s era of Corporate Responsibility, many companies are looking for NGOs with whom they can co-operate to help a hurting planet and its hurting people. Often, though, they have trouble finding partners. Global Hand is an online matching service that helps connect profit and non-profit organisations. It has also built a special application of its software for the United Nations, partnering with the corporate sector.

Global Handicrafts: Unfair trade conditions make it tough for communities trying to work their way out of poverty. Global Handicrafts is a colourful marketplace with products from scores of producers and artisans, operating on a Fair Trade basis: jewellery, chocolate, coffee, tea, soap, candles, carvings, pottery, silks and more. A selection will be on sale at the art exhibition.

Global Village: It is said, “I cannot understand a man unless I walk a mile in his shoes.” In Global Village, visitors are invited to ‘step into the shoes’ of people grappling with world need. Rather than hearing a lecture on these issues, people ‘x-perience’ something of them, through simulation: war, refugee life, manual labours, poverty, HIV/AIDS, blindness and more.


About the Author

Sharon Cottle

I have a passion for taking photographs and making books.

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