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Taste of Morning Dew introduces a baby cottontail bunny, Gustafson, who has a problem with sleep walking. He awakens one morning to discover he is outside of his burrow, misplaced, alone, and lost. Innocently, Gus asks every creature he meets if they know the way home. Despite his youth, he is aware there are some dangerous animals lurking about, yet he knows little else of these beasts. Gus’s adventures acquaint us with life outside his burrow, where he discovers some of the forest creatures are helpful; most are indifferent. Ultimately it is an exhausted fox that points the way home.

Adventure stimulates excitement in the second tale of this series, entitled Clover. Gus encourages his sister, Clover, to join him in new escapades. The two small bunnies anxiously await Saturdays, the time when they can venture out to encounter various animals of the forest. This stimulating tale, as seen through the eyes of the young bunnies, allows for plenty of excitement and discovery for the reader as well. These are compelling, fanciful stories for adventure seeking children, to be experienced alongside Gus and Clover.


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