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Correspondence collects a moving series of images in which atmospheric and terrestrial phenomenon are brought into poetic alignment with one another, creating a felt connection both within and without. An exchange of reception and projection unlocks our powers of intuition. A communion of sorts takes place and is reenacted with each viewing. The act of bringing the inside into alignment with the outside is a magical act. This call and echo establishes a vital correspondence. These images are an invitation to look more carefully, to see more clearly and more deeply and in many more ways.

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John Paul Caponigro
jpcaponigro Cushing, ME, USA
Find out all about John Paul Caponigro at John Paul Caponigro, author of Adobe Photoshop Master Class, is an internationally reknowned artist. A contributing editor for Digital Photo Pro and Camera Arts and a columnist for Photoshop User and, he teaches workshops both privately in his studio and at select public venues. A member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, a Canon Explorer of Light, and an Epson Stylus Pro, his clients include Adobe, Apple, and Kodak. Learn more by visiting and get over 100 free downloads plus a free subscription to his enews Insights.

Comments (13)


caleibow says

I felt your images. I have someone who will love this book.

posted at 02:09pm Jan 26 PST


360Degrees says

Revisiting your contemplative visual digression revives and/or connects to somewhow photographs I laid my eyes on made by Minor White whose partial works I just got into perusing Rites and Passages. Your visual connection with the elements is spiritually sound of the moments passed contemplating. The space embraced is just peacefully inspiring and it makes one willing to spend the days at sea.
If time allows, please come and peruse my focus on clouds which is dealt with in a book of mine called "Nuages". It is a spontaneous visual connection and response to the graphic and inviting power of clouds.

posted at 09:33pm Jan 12 PST


littl3fairy says

There's really beautifuls pictures in your book!!;)

Congrats!! :)

posted at 12:22pm Dec 15 PST


beyondmymind says

Awesome work, Wonderful pictures... great book

posted at 07:49am Nov 28 PST


gadowsally says

gorgeous images ~ very imaginative concept for a themed collection. Wish I had thought of it!

posted at 08:14am Nov 15 PST


fakala09 says

What's that old saying. . . 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. These left me speechless!

posted at 03:58pm Nov 08 PST


Susanfanb says

Very simple but very beautiful book.
really capture the essential of the nature.

Susan Fan-Brown

posted at 08:49pm Nov 07 PST

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