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The trees always inspire me, the greenery soothes me. And that is why I love taking photographs of trees. I would like to share this love of mine for trees with everybody and this book is to instill this love in you and to inspire all to protect trees and environment.
I have created three series on trees--'Songs in the Praise of Trees', 'Aesthetic Beauty of Trees' and 'Many Facets of Life'. In this book all three series are included with some modifications, some images are left out and some new ones are added.
I believe my photographs are better than my words, but words also add, so I have taken help from the masters. Through out this book I used quotes of many famous people who loved trees.


About the Author

Ismat Jahan
Ismat Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ismat Jahan is a professional photographer, graduated from New York Institute of Photography in Professional Photography. She is taking photographs for over twenty years; however, she is working as a professional photographer since 2001. Though she works as a portraiture and advertising photographer but nature photography is her passion. Specially, trees and leaves intrigue Ismat.
Her first solo photography exhibition was held in October 2004. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Songs in Praise of Trees’. The entire exhibition was on trees, she expressed her appreciation of trees through images. In 2007, she held her second solo photography exhibition, titled ‘Aesthetic Beauty of Trees’. Ismat sees art in trees. She finds beauty in a particular part of a tree, in the shape of leaves, in tree trunks, in its structure or in the whole of the tree. She also participated in two group exhibitions.
Ismat is also a contributor to Prakriti Photo Nature and Wildlife Magazine.

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AMohsin says

Ismat Jahan’s fascination for the trees is like an obsession with her. Whenever she gets an opportunity, she never fails to go out with her Nikon camera to capture the beauty and grandeur of nature manifested by the trees and the foliage.

No doubt the trees with their myriad shapes and forms are the best gifts of nature to human beings as indicated by Ismat in her foreword to the book.

There are quite a few striking pictures of trees and greenery in the book which not only bring out the majesty and beauty of the trees but also enhance their unique position in nature.

The photos that are included in the book will be, I am sure, liked by nature lovers everywhere.

Md. Abul Mohsin
Dhaka, Bangladesh

posted at 08:24pm Sep 22 PST


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