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the eyes, smiles, smugs and banter of six year olds have a way of spiriting me up like no other age group. their little lights seem to summon the best from my camera. what is it about this wide awake time in life? based on the scoop that presents itself to me time and time again, six seems to be a turning point of sorts. as seven and eight and nine arrive yeah you're still a kid, but a layer of innocence has begun to peel away. there is a quiet shift in identity. we seem to grow a little wiser to the lurking realities and responsibilities of life.

six... seems to me a wonderful age to keep close in our hearts. here's a little salute to this golden age of roaming with intention. consider this collection a universal yearbook, a tribute... a meditation even. just like paul simon once sang, "this is the story of how we begin to remember." maybe there's lots to be (re)learned by pausing and looking into the eyes of kids in this sunny year of life. i invite you to let the high hopes and wise words gracing these pages sweep you away from the laundry, from the office, from the routine of it all and remind you to connect with the fantastic from time to time. no more yawning at life!


About the Author

susan currie
biglook andover, ma usa
susan currie is a photographer and yoga instructor in andover, massachusetts. her favorite subjects to capture with her camera are children. and, over the past 15 years she has captured quite a few. she sites joyce tenneson, walker evans, helen levitt, rumi and jack keurouac as masters who deeply influence her creative style. please visit her website at

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