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The current body of work by heralded California artist, Nancy Stanchfield - beautifully depicted in 90-pages of full color.

Continuing in the modern tradition of the American Impressionists, Stanchfield is one of the most exciting new painters of her region. From the original French Impressionists’ effusive portrayal of modern life in all its vibrancy and richness, to the American counterparts’ definitive use of light and color, the history of this celebratory depiction of life continues in all its brilliance with this artist. Whereas the American school typically focused on the higher elements of society and its sophistication, Stanchfield explores the everyday, the immediate, and the real: our lives before us, and next door to us, and indeed of us, be it the favorite chair in the kitchen window light, or a random arrangement of flowers on the table in that same room. It is these moments that have been, and will continue to be, the goal of the artist to achieve the visual equivalent of, which Stanchfield so successfully accomplishes: these all-too-brief moments in time within all of our all lives, when the morning sun finds it way across the floor once again.

Merge into her milieu a nod towards the American Fauves, with a Rosenquist-like background in the contemporary fine arts informing a highly active and indeed musical palette, and one finds oneself in the world of Nancy Stanchfield.


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