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As we move further into the realms of the digital we tend to overlook the satisfaction of flicking through a book or thumbing through a photo album. It is important to bear in mind the tactile nature of the physical world.

That being said this book is a testament to the possibilities that the digital world provides us with. Many mark the age of reason with the invention of the printing press. It was the first step in making the written word available to all – a technology that made it possible to make many copies of a book relatively quickly and easily. This technology has reached a stage where it is now possible for all persons to publish their work

This book is a culmination of many technologies in this digital age. All but one of the images were taken using digital devices which were then edited using computer software; the layout was done solely on computer. The files were then sent, via the Internet, to a Print On Demand publisher. Only then does it enter into physicality and therefore becomes a quantifiable object that must be trimmed, bound packed and shipped.

The end result is somehow unimportant when weighted against its contemporaries but it is essential that we use what is at our disposal in order to create something of ourselves and for ourselves. The importance lies in the doing of the thing and not in the thing itself.


About the Author

Matt Wilson
zeek1015 Berlin, Germany.
Born in Scotland, Matt Wilson studied Industrial Design in Edinburgh followed two year later with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Design before relocating to Berlin in 2009. There he works in a variety of disciplines within design related fields. Using whatever device available at the time whether it be an SLR, Digital SLR, Digital Compacts or even at times a Mobile Camera Phone to capture something of a place and time.

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