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Since ancient times the art of Mosaic has been an important art in our lives. We have used it in our homes, public places, our art work and churches. It is a beauty way for artist to express themselves by using inspiration from retro and vintage items, pottery, plates, tiles, jewelry, handmade tiles and a variety of found objects to create something very beautiful to add to our lives.
This is the first photography book featuring my whimsical and colorful mosaic artwork. Included are images of wall art, spheres, mirrors, frames, wine bottle, flower pots, vase, patio’s, tables, slot signs and many other things.
Each mosaic has been created by hand in my studio in Lake Havasu City, AZ,I use a wide-variety of materials including glass, ceramic, wire, wood, jewelry, nuts and bolts, buttons, rhinestones, beads, shells, and mirror. This mix of materials adds another layer of visual and textural interest to each piece.
This is the first time all the mosaic works in the structural series are presented together in one volume.
“Mosaic Artists have a dream and an idea of which is in the deeps of their brains that comes to the surface to be created with many different mediums for you to see”.
Chrisse F. Hartley


About the Author

Chrisse Hartley
MosaicArtist Lake Havasu City , AZ

I'm self taught artist in Mosaics, pottery and many other mediums. I love working in my studio looking out over the mountains to get my inspirations.

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