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From baked beans to zucchini relish, stuffed quahogs and strawberry rhubarb pie, these are recipes from the kitchen of a Cape Cod family straight from my mother Val's handwritten file. Even if you just have a day, an afternoon or an hour, you will find pleasure and comfort in taking a step back to savor the smells, the sights and the tastes of a home cooked dinner, snack or dessert. Enjoy creating your own memories in the kitchen with simple recipes that please even picky eaters. Local, inexpensive and easy to find ingredients serve as the back bone to all of the recipes in this book while family anecdotes add rich flavor to them.



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Andrea Norris
andrea311 Falmouth, MA USA

I grew up in a house of food snobbery, although I didn't know it at the time and it wasn't at all intentional on my mother's part. What is considered today a"foodie" diet-and part of the slow food movement-was a way of life, and in fact, survival for us back in the 70's and 80's at 540 Old meeting House Road in Hatchville, part of East Falmouth, MA. My mother, Val, still has her organic garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables and, although she doesn't grow as many varieties as in earlier years, she has an abundant crop. Creativity and a need to save money combined with a knack for learning the "old way" of doing things was the inspiration behind her cooking. Back in elementary school, I was jealous of the kids who ate bologna on Wonder Bread while I was "stuck" with homemade jam and peanut butter on freshlymade bread. Val was always trying new dishes to serve at dinner using what she had on hand. Pretty much everything I have learned about cooking and life I learned from her.

Publish Date  August 31, 2010

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KC01073 says

I can't wait to see my sister's face when she receives this book. Andrea and Rob shared a preview of this book with us over the summer ... I knew immediately I'd be buying it!

posted at 03:26pm Nov 10 PST


MayflowerMam says

If you could buy love in a book, this would be it!

This is a delightful book about cooking and gardening and family fun and about Cape Cod activities, summer and winter, from years ago until today. It was beautifully written with so much love and common sense that it reminded me to think that the good old days really were very good indeed!

Now it seems we have....

Too much fast food, not enough slow cooking;
Too much tv and Xbox, not enough time helping mom wash the beans and gather the berries;
Too much soccer practice and ballet, not enough time to kick a stone down a dirt road and smell the sweetness of sun on drying seaweed and salty sand.

It's really cool (if falsely positive) to believe that the food we buy in our super markets is government approved and spotlessly clean before it hits our plates. It's also one of life's great joys to discover a quahog growing under moist sand by digging with your toes. How much sweeter that quahog tastes in a chowder you make with your children's help! And how else can we pass on the things we love about our childhood unless we do these things with our own children?

The photography is great and the writing is light, engaging, and skillful. You will enjoy this book to give as a gift or treasure it for yourself. Buy one and support independent publishing as a side benefit!!! A big win for all!

- A neighbor from West Falmouth

posted at 09:25am Nov 05 PST


fasull207 says

Enjoyed your cookbook. A lot of work went into it.

posted at 02:21pm Sep 02 PST


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