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Cactus = Cactuses = Cacti. All for one and one for all, in my imagination cactus plants are like soldiers. They live in the most difficult and desolate environments and make due with whatever scarse water resources the desert provides. In Mexican state of Baja California Sur there's virtually no rain fall throughout the year, yet the cactus stand tall, green and proud.

I met many cactuses in Baja... Some reclusive hermits and others in numerous company. When encountered alone, a single plant always appeared stoic and contemplative, as if its exclusive purpose was to meditate forever in the vast expanse of the desert. But more frequently I made acquaintance with whole armies of cacti, and when occupying large territories together - they seemed fearless in their spiky armors and mutual comradery. Depending on the situation and personality of my beloved desert subjects, I adjusted my individual approach. In the end I was surprised to discover that this collection of images felt more like a series of portraits to me.

It gives me absolute pleasure to dedicate 'Cactus Land' to my grandmother, whose hobby during my childhood in a very-distant-from-Baja Minsk, Belarus, was growing and cultivating cactus plants at home. When the cactus bloomed - it was a family celebration! Thank you so much for this oldest of inspirations.


About the Author

Anna Fishkin
anutus Mexico

As an artist with a background in graphic design, I work with a variety of media. My latest projects have to do with careful observations of patterns in space and time, and capturing their implicit significance using photography, drawing and writing. Through my work I explore such ideas as 'relativity' and 'relatedness' between individual and environment, and specifically how they contribute to the formation of 'identity.' My particular interest in concept of ‘time’ began when I was five.

I was born in Minsk, Belarus, and was educated in the former Soviet Union and United States. University years at UW-Madison and Columbia College were followed by a decade-long graphic design career in Chicago. Next, modest exploration of acting and self-revealing creative writing courses at University of Chicago led to a graduation from commercial life and a subsequent move to Mexico.

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