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From the Introduction by Kathe Koja:

"It's not hard to notice birds; we see them every day, no matter where we live, rural space or urban, or any place in between: the pigeon on the stroll, the inquisitive beak at the feeder, the rush and startle of a flock of sparrows, the soaring shadow of -- is it? -- a hawk far up above. The real challenge is to see them as they are, to truly see them, as Rick Lieder has done in Aerial Acrobats."


About the Author

Rick Lieder
dreampool Michigan

Illustration & design for books, magazines, & award-winning novels, including bestselling Newbery Award-winning books for children.

Unique wildlife photography centering on ordinary backyard wildlife, capturing the unique qualities of light interacting with the natural world.

His website/blog Wild Light <> showcases hundreds of stunning images using only natural light.

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dreampool says

"Fantastic backyard bird photos - Rick Lieder, the talented sf/f artist whose backyard nature photographs have stunned me for years, has released a new book of photos of small birds on the wing, shot in his own backyard in south Michigan.

Rick doesn't use fancy fast film or other high-tech treats -- instead, he just uses patience and care to capture these remarkable images. I just got a copy from Rick and discovered a lovely bonus: a short introduction by Kathe Koja, the fantastic writer."

— Cory Doctorow - Writer, Boing Boing blogger, activist

posted at 12:08pm Sep 13 PST


dreampool says

"What a stunningly beautiful book."

— Anca Vlasopolos (Author of "The New Bedford Samurai")

posted at 12:08pm Sep 13 PST

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