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This book focuses on the photographic adventures while traveling 6,000 miles via Amtrak, backpacking cross country throughout the United States.


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Herman Evaristo
Hermanevaris Fresno, California

We specialize in Sports, Architecture, and Portrait Photography

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bwanadude says


The next time you try to do something like this again, please consult someone with an education that has a modicum of mastery of the english language.
To begin: the title itself is a mess...there are no "photographic adventures", the camera is a tool and does not experience anything. Secondly, and I am sure that all of us here are not the only ones confused, but if you traveled 6,000 miles via Amtrak, which is by train or bus, you did not do a "backpacking"'s one or the other, but not both. Third, it appears you did not make a "cross country trip", as you state, but only ventured as far as what is commonly known as the Mid-west of the Country, ergo; Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans. I would suggest enrolling in a geography class at a local high school to bridge this deficit.

Not withstanding the fact that there is no narrative or explanation as to why you left home or what made the trip eventful or even what made you think that just because you went somewhere it somehow was historic (I've had more exciting business trips by far than this), the rest of the pictures and captions are downright embarrassing...someone should have proof read the wit: never, never, never refer to: "the Colorado Rockies Mountains, they are the Colorado ROCKY Mountains, nor should you describe Durango, Colorado as Durango IN Colorado...who says San Francisco IN Calfornia, really, and with regard to the famed Budweiser Clydesdales..."they standing 6 feet tall" is just plain pitiful.

I would seriously recommend that you remove this embarrassment from the internet and sales venue you have chosen.

Oh, I almost forgot, does everyone know that you were on this trip for over 6 weeks while drawing unemployment benefits...didn't think so.


posted at 05:06pm Sep 20 PST


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