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This book is a retreat outline, primarily for participants in Dr Meath Conlan's spiritual retreats and contemplative seminars. Written to help people explore a personal spiritual path, each talk is presented as a helpful summary of the particular topic under consideration. The "Silence & Awareness" retreat is an ecumenical exploration of the interface of 'Western' Centering Prayer and Buddhist insight (vipassana) meditation. The author refers to teachings of his mentor of many years - the late Dom Bede Griffiths, the Benedictine Acharya of Saccidananda Ashram at Shantivanam in South India.


About the Author

Meath Conlan, PhD
meathconlan Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Meath Conlan was born (1947) in Western Australia. During his Asian travels in the 1960s and 1970s he commenced meditating in Thailand. Long active in inter-religious dialogue, Meath was, in 1988, invited by H. H. The Dalai Lama of Tibet to present a series of lectures on the history, development and practice of Christian contemplation. He lived for some time with the late Dom Bede Griffiths at Saccidananda ashram in South India. As well as Dom Bede, his teachers in meditation have included the late Hugo Enomiya Lassalle, Ama Samy, Sri Goenka and Thomas Keating. Meath is a Spiritual Director in private practice, a retreat director, and published author. Though based in Perth, Australia, Meath travels wherever there is a need for his spiritual ministry.

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