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In the late eighteen hundreds, at the height of the rubber-boom, a Mancunian engineer by the name of Anthony Webster-James left England to make his fortune in South America. His work and adventures eventually led him into the Bolivian Amazon where he established a rubber-smelting plant on the side of a lagoon in association with the 'Tin King' - Simon Patino.
A village gradually build up around the smelting plant and he named it after his home town, Manchester. Following the discovery of oil and the subsequent collapse of the rubber-boom, the village was all but forgotten.
Over a hundred years later, whilst studying an old Russian air map as they tried to find their way around the northern rim of Lake Titicaca, Liz Peel and Chris Smith found the name of Manchester in amongst the hundreds of Spanish derived names. It seemed out of place and they only ever found one other reference to Manchester in their efforts to find out more over the years.
With curiosity burning and very little to go on they set off three years later to find Manchester.


About the Author

Liz Peel
Piecesofsky UK

Liz Peel, with partner Chris Smith has undertaken and led numerous expeditions throughout the Americas using whatever means of transport come to hand, including canoes, three wheeled motor taxis, motorcycles and when all else fails, two feet.

When not travelling Liz and her partner live in the UK, always looking to the next adventure.

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