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Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations for Scandinavians who take time off to go on a longer journey. The vast majority takes the route between Sydney and Cairns, lured by the famous city, the Great Barrier Reef and the paradise islands along the coast.
A journey that leaves few travellers disappointed.

But Australia is so much more than what is offered on the north east coast. With this book I am trying to show the beauty of the rest of this grand continent. It takes you on a journey through pictures from four of the remaining states:
- Tasmania with its green valleys, high mountains and beautiful coastline
- Victoria, the smallest state on the main land but arguably the most diverse.
Here you can experience everything from the big city to desert landscapes through
temperate rainforests, high country and magnificent beaches.
- Northern Territory with its fascinating outback landscape and the majestic Uluru
- Western Australia, the state with the vast spaces, where you can get a tropical beach
lined whit coral reefs all to yourselves even during the holiday seasons!

Since 2001 when I spent 3 months travelling through New Zealand and the north east coast of Australia my dream has been to create a photo book about this amazing part of the world. I hope that I with the pictures in this book can arouse interest in and inspire you to explore what is offered on the rest of this vast continent.

All pictures in this book are from 2007 that I spent working in Australia

/ Andreas Hemb


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