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This collection is premised on subject matter that sit at the center of that bright Tuesday morning of the eleventh, structures of sky and architectural edifice. Use of personal creative faculties in ways of: seeing, making, and a critical dialogue with the environment are also elements giving form to these works. The breadth of narrative span both: the tragedy of life as humanity grapple with the many issues of the day, and the inevitable humor that provide a lightness to being better able to navigate the darker moments. Of course the visual formalities (aesthetics) are omnipresent as these visual conversations reach their resulting conclusions. A constant mindfulness of the hundreds of thousands of souls that have ultimately sacrificed all, in efforts to ‘close the book’ on this social impasse are also present.

Page design: The page is a tonal caricature of the arched slice of paper when physically viewing an open book (ie. the book as object), where the darkest emerge from between pages. When closed, that same center (spine) will reflect the lightest of tonality. The gradation of tone on the page is a hued reference to sky… an apropos substrate to these visuals.

The book: A collection of works from two suites of photo-works, ‘Sinergi3s of Confluence’ (SinCon)- the first visuals produced post 9/11, and an extension of that series of works, ‘Equivalence’- a simplified approach to sky and structure. Each work is a result of conversational visual inquiry, while embracing a series of linked formal & narrative concerns. The only clue to a narrative, are to be found in the “PLATE” listings at the end of the book, or from within your personal set of perceptual lenses as you partake of each photo-visual presented.


About the Author

Sam Smith
samfoto N.Y.C., NY (USA)
I began in Baltimore, MD Dec. of 45 where I received a BFA @ the Maryland Institute Coll. of Art (70). From the youthful moment I felt graphite transfer to the paper surface, I was hooked…a life of visual pursuit was immanent. Either as a visualist, or a human, most solutions are as near as that which may be touched, this idea play centrally in ways of: thinking, seeing, and doing. A journey between the mirage of dreams, and the world as it is, the virtual/actual – Nature/humanity, such contrasts are germain to these visual acts. Each have direct relation to one another, particularly to issues of possibility, and the evolving me, all works in progress. If lucky, such expressions will be the connective tissue of mediation between the, at times blurred lines of the virtual/actual,…a visual endowment in a future beyond self.

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