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A second collection of my photographs, taken in Canada, America and England, accompanied by poetry, prose and stories that are written from the heart.

This book completes the period from 2007 to 2010 and offers a unique, and personal view on life through writing and images, that hopefully entertains and delights the senses of the reader. My work can also be viewed at:


About the Author

Paul Williams
SOULAFLAME Bexleyheath, Kent, United Kingdom
Writing and photography have been first loves of mine since childhood. My Goddess is Mother Nature, my allegiance to little Earth, and I am never happier than when surrounded by the beauty of devastating mountain ranges, flowing rivers, forests of ancient oaks and Douglas firs, and the peaceful splendor of the wilderness where the air is fresh and the sky lights up each night to a myriad of excitable stars as they shine down at me and light my imagination. I feel passionately, I grieve for injustice, I lament the loss of mankind's manners and care for the world he devours and destroys, the animal species he displaces and pushes to extinction. I think, I dream, I live life to the full and treat every day as though it were my last, with happy heart and contented soul. Beauty moves me, caresses me in her hands and cushions me as I bathe in her majesty. All that I am is in my work.

Publish Date  September 18, 2010

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  160 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Portfolios

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Comments (9)


Rawluk says

I have looked at you stunning book a few times. You are an amazing talent, my friend.

posted at 08:46pm Dec 12 PST



Hi Barbara, and thank you for purchasing the book and taking the time to leave a message. I'm really pleased that you liked this second book, as I put so much time and effort into it's pesentation, and chose many favourate written pieces to include. The Babushka story was great fun to photograph and write, so I'n delighted you enjoyed that. Thanks again for your comments.

posted at 08:46am Nov 02 PST


barbara69 says

Paul, l loved your first book and couldn't wait to read your your second book When All Is Said And Done. I was not disapointed. There is so much to read that l have to put it down and keep coming back for more. I loved your Babushka story, lot's of suspense. Well done for getting your writing and pictures into your second book. WUZ

posted at 08:13am Nov 02 PST



Hi Susan and thanks so much for your message. I'm really sorry the book is so expensive to purchase, the joys of self publishing unfortunately. I hope that you enjoy the presentation and work in the new one and I'm really thrilled that you have a copy of both my books. For sure, I'd love to sign the new one if ever I'm over your way. Thanks again, and please let me know what you think of 'When all is said and done'.

posted at 08:59am Oct 07 PST


iliv4bears says

Just placed my order, and can't wait to see it !!!! Someday, when you travel this way, you'll have to sign it for me !!!!! (don't know how this will appear to you, but it's Susan......)

posted at 08:40am Oct 01 PST



Gingeybaby, thank you so much. A copy is being printed for you right now and wil soon be with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as you did the first book. You are such an inspiration, and I look forward to hearing what you think of the new material. There are several pieces in the book that have never appeared on the blog, so I hope it is a great read and offers new and interesting stories and photographs. Thanks again.

posted at 09:28am Sep 20 PST



Laura, thank you so much, I am truly speechless as I honestly never expected anyone to part with so much of their hard earned money for a copy, it was always more of an exercise in showing to the best of my ability what I loved doing.

I really hope that you enjoy the new book, and that it entertains and delights whenever you pick it up and turn to a new page. Thasnks also for your personal messages through AM3, it is a huge honour and privilege to have you as a friend thanks to my time blogging these past years. I'll keep in touch no matter what the future holds, and thank you once again.


posted at 09:25am Sep 20 PST


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