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Light is the essence of all we see and all we photograph. Shadow is lack of light but also the primary means in which we visually perceive the phenomenon.

Black and Light is a photographic study of these two mediums. Through the art of nude photography, Christopher Maverick attempts to push the concepts of both light and shadow to their absolute limits and through them enhance the beauty of the human form.

Literally two books in one, the text is uniquely designed to be enjoyed in two ways. A study of light on one side or, flip the book over to read it as a study of shadow. Like the concepts of light and shadow themselves, a yin yang with no beginning or end, one melts into the other.

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About the Author

Christopher Maverick
cmaverick Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Christopher Maverick's love of art began with comic books when he was 7 years old. He entered Carnegie Mellon as an art student in 1992. Over the years his tastes grew and he experimented with several mediums from illustration, to paints, to CGI, before finally falling in love with photography.

His work has been featured in galleries, magazines and newspapers. A fan of glamour and sensuality in art, his biggest influences are the painters Nagel, Mukai and Janesko.

His other interests include writing, web design, pinball, and pro-wrestling. He's been competing as a professional wrestler since 2004 and has competed in competitive pinball championships.

He makes his day-to-day living as a web-designer and writes a popular blog. In 2006, he created the popular online photography community, 365 Days, where he challenged others to take one self-portrait every day for an entire year. The communtiy as grown to over 8000 members world-wide.

He is the writer of the webcomic Cosmic Hellcats.

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Black and Light - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published September 18, 2010
Black and Light - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published September 14, 2010
365 Days - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published December 18, 2007

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