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The Ironclaw role-playing game is published by Sanguine Productions. The works in this book were commissioned for the game to help give players an overview of the world setting.

These illustrations and written descriptions portray the Ironclaw world; a fantasy setting which references the Medieval period to Pre-Industrialization in a "Europe" populated by animal characters. Compiled in the tradition of a bestiary, they paint a picture of a society divided not only along class and culture, but species as well.

This book is useful as a loose reference for those interested in the Ironclaw game system, as it gives a general outline for each animal. Beyond that, the collection ultimately gives insights into human nature through the lenses of history and zoology.

Contains 41 full-color illustrations with accompanying text and commentary.


About the Author

Chris Goodwin
ChrisGoodwin Boston, MA, USA

Freelance Illustrator and designer, painter, teacher and cook.

His methods range from straightforward illustration to elaborate, multilayered mixed-media pieces, and portraiture. He lives in the Boston area, graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a major in Illustration, and currently teaches art.

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halanmeras says

I've never taken part in any RPGs, but this supplement for the Ironclaw RPG universe can be enjoyed by any reader as a work of imagination. The anthropomorphic descriptions and artworks in it evoke a child-like feeling of fun and story-telling. Goodwin's artwork is filled with subtle details and humor that are a pleasure to pore over and the accompanying species descriptions give one a sense of real-world socio-economic relationships bewteen the diiferent classes/types of creatures. Oh, heck, this is just FUNNESS for anyone who's ever day-dreamed of different worlds and fantastic adventures with unique creatures! FUNNESS!!

posted at 11:24am Nov 30 PST


LonnieAnn says

You book is beautiful Chris!

posted at 09:46am Sep 21 PST


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