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In 'Don't Pass Me By', photographer Anne Clements preserves a precise moment in the life of a ramshackle building, monument, or vibrant wall of graffiti. A figure passes by and, with the click of a button, time is frozen for one split second. The anonymous passer-by and structure come together for a fleeting moment to represent an era.


About the Author

Anne Clements
An award winning lifestyle television director, Anne Clements now takes still photographs on her travels around the world and London, where she lives. Her work ranges from conceptual images to street and travel photography. Her photographs sell all over the world.

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sloopsterbul says

My blurb for Blurb.
This is a beautiful book; not only are the pictures very beautiful but the item itself is a book that does Anne's photography justice. I've always been a big fan, and this little book is a sharp reminder of her gifts that include everything you would expect from a prize-winning photographer-about-town. Some people are very comfortable in the city; and Anne is definitely among their number. The smells, the textures and the noise – the atmospheric ingredients – are used to inspire and energise. You won't find much monochromatic deadpan in these pages, but you will find someone, a true observer, with a eye for fun and colour, showing you her London or her Hanoi. Brilliant.

posted at 06:56am Oct 21 PST


disasterhist says

Don’t pass 'Don’t Pass Me By' by. Beautifully captured juxtapositions of people and places, with mysterious asides. Why does the dead pub beneath a glowering sky proclaim “This is not a local” ? What makes people keep carrying mattresses past the Comedy Café? From the moment the old lady sets the pigeons ecstatically flying with her bread donation outside the skateboarding shop through the beer can on Sermon Lane to the distraught once-grand villa on the back cover, we’re taken on the same dazzling ride through the streets as the folks featured in the pictures who always seem to be hurrying somewhere, casting just the odd distracted glace at the everyday wonders the photographer has captured for us. Make the time to sit and stare.

posted at 07:13am Oct 17 PST


booksheridan says

The fascinating thing I noticed in “Don’t Pass Me By” is it’s witty juxtaposition of composition and colour. Anne Clements has an uncanny ability to see humor and magic together in what we mortals take for granted. Her book is beautiful brilliant. She takes us on a journey to see things anew through her imagination which she presents us graciously in her art. She engages us with wit and style and she miles at us through her pictures. We see a fascinating person who shakes a hand in front of our eyes and asks us to look into the prism of color again. Her love of life is apparent. Buy her book and sit by the fireside on Christmas and sneak a peek through her lens again.

posted at 04:21pm Oct 16 PST

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