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There is a legend in Africa which speculates that elephants approaching death would leave the herd and migrate to a place known as the Elephant Graveyard. It is believed this graveyard is the final destination for literally thousands of elephants and that their bones and rare ivory litter the area. This graveyard has never been discovered and has been the subject of speculation for centuries.

There are rumors of a vintage automobile graveyard that is the resting place for thousands of cars. The story is told of aircraft hangers lined with rows of tables covered with brass lights and vintage carburetors and of display cases filled with early brass speedometers and rim wind clocks. There are accounts of rooms stacked with wire wheels and of dozens of transport trailers full of antique auto parts.

The antique auto necropolis has been discovered and this book documents a small part of it's rare treasures that have been hidden for decades.


About the Author

Robb Wolff

Robb Wolff first became interested in old cars when he and his father rescued a 1926 Model T roadster pickup from a scrap heap near the Alberta-Montana border. At age 14 he was allowed to drive it around town with impunity as the town policeman didn't consider that driving a Model T required a license. Robb discovered an interest in photography in the late 60s when he purchased his first SLR. Now, decades later, he legally drives the same roadster pickup and is rarely without his digital SLR.

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