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The Commuters portrayed here are from my own daily commute between Legnano to Milan, taken mainly on the train and underground.

I've tried to capture them in candid moments, lost in thought, humour, resentment and resignation. In a slideshow of hypnotic landscapes we can feel the pain of waiting; minutes, hours of wishing to be anywhere else but where they are.

For I am a Commuter too and have been for many a year and I'm sure there are millions like me in towns and cities around the world.

My antidote to the desensitising nature of years of commuting has come through this photography project. Like many I needed to find a positive escape from these stolen hours and this is mine.

In the book we see the decaying and dulling ambience of the underground, it's sometimes muted, sometimes harsh light and the matching faces that live within it. Seen through the eyes of my camera it's an environment I formed a new relationship with, one that worked for me and one that I hope will work for you too.


About the Author

Luca Napoli
lucanapoli Milan, Italy
I was born in Taranto on 1972. I got electronic engineering degrees in Ferrara and then moved to Milan, where I currently work. I leave in a small town close to Milan. Self-taught, I was probably influenced by my father in 80s who always involved me during sessions of street photography in Taranto, my hometown. In 2006 I bought my first digital SRL and from then on I never abandoned photography. My most popular project are [Commuters] and [Taranto Vecchia]. I'm fascinating by reportage photography. I always try to put a story into a photo. Wonderful photos without a story are useless in my opinion, a pure aesthetic exercise.

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sambro01 says

Stupendo l'approccio (la copertina) si entra nel vivo con dieci immagini di notevole impatto. Bellissima l'impostazione grafica.
Si resta delusi dalla scelta di mostrare in anteprima solo le prime undici pagine.

posted at 03:16am Oct 07 PST


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