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The Hippie Tree is located on the grounds the now closed Asylum located on the out skirts of the scenic resort town of Traverse City Michigan and is an iconic reminder of days gone by.
Often referred to as the Gate Way to Hell by local folklore, it is said should one circle the tree, they would be whisked to the gates of underworld where it is rumored the tortured souls of those housed within the Asylum where sent on their passing.
Today only the aged hulk of the toppled giant still remain as an enigma of its past lore and reputation of true strangeness.
This book will take you on not only a photographic journey of this haunted landmark, it will also share the local lore as well help you find the location for yourself if you dare visit the resting place of the Hippie Tree...


About the Author

Joseph Campbell
joecampbell United States
Joseph (Joe) Campbell is a world traveler specializing in exploring and photographing areas of high strangeness which have ranged from ritual temples on the Asian/Indian sub-content, medieval gothic cathedrals in Europe to the vortexes found in the high deserts of Sedona. To capture the character of these adventures, he employs the use of various experimental photographic systems such as near infrared, full spectrum , high dynamic range and ultraviolet imaging to document and bring forward a fresh perspective of these truly unique places.

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