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Corporate wars, espionage, evil clones and even the knuckleduster that Churchill used to break Hitler’s jaw, securing the freedom of Europe!

Beyond the PLAIN is a series of short stories based on the Elements of Wealth game. If you enjoy playing the game or just enjoy good science fiction writing, this book will help to give you a deeper look into the universe that is Elements of Wealth.

About the game.

Elements of Wealth
-Your world our universe

It is a bleak but prosperous future for mankind, in the centuries since man has taken to the stars huge leaps have been made in both technology and culture.

“Each man is his own, but no man is born free.”
Capt. Marcus Iron-heart, Grafter II

No longer do people discriminate over creed, colour or nationality, each and every member of the human race is born into service. One of three powerful corporations is now your country, your birthplace. It is your job to go forth and gain wealth from every corner of the universe for both yourself and your mother corporation.

Elements of Wealth is a location based, space mining game in which players move around the real world to find valuable materials that are locked away inside asteroids within the game world. Players must use all the skill, knowledge and recourses at their disposal to extract this vast wealth and become the wealthiest ‘rock-jock’ in the whole universe.

Game features.
Location based – Everywhere you go the game world goes and there are asteroids everywhere! But can you find the most valuable, rarest materials and become richer quicker than everyone else?
Persistent world – Found a stash of valuable materials? Every time you revisit that location the same asteroids will be present so you can bookmark valuable locations and mine there again and again.
Skill based mini games - The extraction of materials from asteroids and the refining of materials is based on skill, the better you get the richer you get.
Rare materials – With 50 different types of material to mine, each one increasing in value and rarity you will be departing on the largest treasure hunt you have ever participated in!
Crafting system – Use the materials you extract to create items to help you extract more materials next time or sell the items to other players.
Player economy – Sell any materials mined from asteroids, raw or refined and any items you create to other players over the galactic market.

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About the Author

Smoking Monkey Games
ste2010 Wrexham

Publish Date  October 01, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  80 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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