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This book is a verse by verse study through the book of Revelation. The framework of this book is dispensational, pretribulational, and premillennial, which is the only view that can provide a consistently harmonious interpretation of Bible prophecy. Unfortunately, many shy away from the study of this book with the excuse that it is too difficult or too controversial. This is the only book that promises a special blessing to those that read it, or hear it, and keep it. It is the only book to which Jesus Christ affixes His personal signature.


About the Author

Jim Yancey
jwy456 Marietta, GA 30062 USA

Jim Yancey was born and raised in Georgia. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 1968 with a BSIM and then from Georgia State in 1971 with an MBA major in Management. In 1996 an 1997 he attended Dallas Theological Seminary. He loves to teach the Bible and specializes in End Times and The Life of Christ. For years he collected and restored Mustangs, Shelbys, and an original 289 A.C. Cobra. He has been active in the Cobb Photographic Society and served many years as Program Chairman and then President of the club. He enjoys outdoor and nature photography. He is also actively involved with OrphanConcern international which sponsors over 250 orphans in Kenya and for which the organization has constructed two dorms and a Primary school. He has made numerous trips to Kenya to work with the orphans there. He also enjoys travel and travel photography; having made trips to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Alaska, Costa Rica, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Hawaii.

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