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The images in this book are from my digital art portfolio. They have been manipulated, stretched, tweaked, distorted and liquified from photos using photoshop. They are in no particular order, except aesthetically, where I think the images go together.

I have grouped them into some loose sections, such as the nature symmetries, mythological scenes etc, although I have tried to avoid this being too clinical as after all, they are a voyage into my imagination and came to me over a period of about ten years.

I started working with digital imagery, way back in the 90's when the technology was first evolving. I think I found a few boundaries that maybe hadn't been tried before.

I hope this book helps to document the boundless variations that nature, and the human mind for that matter, can create.


About the Author

Paul Squire
pks2010 London, United Kingdom

I work with photo manipulation and 'hand drawn' digital artwork

I hope to create an alternate reality with my imagery and love the work of artists who seem to have achieved this alchemical process.

For my most recent art work I use Photoshop, a tablet & digital pen. I start with a very low opacity brush, outlining the face & figure, building up the 'paint' gradually, to add colours, backgrounds, expression and details to complete the picture.

I also have a large portfolio of images created through photo manipulation & collage, ranging from nature symmetries to abstract distortions...

I digitally compose music...'Classical Avant Garde Electronica'

I recently completed the instrumental albums Ghost River" part 1 & 2, two hour's of digital compositions featuring traditional orchestral instruments with smatterings of electronica.

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TJC says

Hello Paul, I am also a digital artist and am drawn to look at your work in your book more closely. I am very impressed by one particular image you have created and that is HEPHAEUSTUS - Pg 37. What I like about it is the way you incorporate different effects at different points within the image, which as a whole looks very neat and well put together. That is the sort of digital artistry I like to work with myself, well done! If at anytime you would like to see what I do, please feel free to visit my website for a more rounded view of my work so far. WWW.THEJONESCOLLECTION.CO.UK.

posted at 11:03pm Oct 18 PST


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