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These are a selection from a collection of my photos that i took from a lovely place in Wales. Included i have also described where some of the lights ,if any, extra are placed, what i was trying to include or details about the estate. The main thing is for you to enjoy the final images after much hard work, some are left in the natural colour, some are saturated, others are in sepia or processed to duplicate old style film.

The images are spaced as to enhance the viewing pleasure and not wanting to saturate the eyes by view too many on a single page.

If you are ever deciding to go to that area in Wales i do recommend to stay on the estate.


About the Author

Darren Peet
peetd Newark, Notts, UK
Trained as an engineer, would sooner be a full time photographer, or artist. Is there much a difference from a artist and a great photographer apart from the medium. My first interest in photography was trying to capture lightning strikes and bad weather, after that i ventured into trying to capture patterns of light or strange textures. For me life is a learning experience this is why i am trying always to stretch myself and listen more than talk.

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