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STEEL CANVAS: London Underground Graffiti 1987-1995. 10X8" Landscape. 120 Pages. Approx 250 Photos.

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Exciting, Raw, Clandestine, Illegal, Artistic.
London Underground was unprepared for this new art form in the UK.

The London Underground in the 1980's and 1990's was a world apart from the sophisticated network that it is today. The insides were constantly littered with tags, usually on the door panels or above and around the advertising posters. The outsides of the train stock at this time were still bare unpainted steel.

Information and photographs of this historic period of London's graffiti movement is often sparse, with the emphasis usually on the sheer quantity of photos, rarely providing any accompanying context creating confusion for today's generation of graffiti writers and enthusiasts.

The photographs in this book provide an important insight into the underground graffiti art movement as it was taking place. More importantly, they are taken by a writer, who himself was part of this transient artistic feast.

Now, for the first time in print over 250 colour photographic images all taken by the author recreate the atmosphere of an urban subway system during it's decay, when writers sought to brighten up the steel canvas of the trains with their raw art movement.


About the Author

Dicer London
dicer1987 London, UK

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Duascores says

Looks great!

posted at 10:19pm Jan 09 PST


New73 says

Yo, I've got tha book and I can testify that it roks! Why doncha just buy it you skinflints rather than moan about what ya cant get for free. Are youse tha sort of people who spend hours reading magazines at newstands because you're too tight to splash the cash? Dice's book really recreates that special atmosphere that existed on the London graf scene back in the day before the authorities clamped down on it. You wont see some of the pics featured here anywhere else, and he's told his story in his own unique way - he's 1 of a kind. My only criticism would be there are a few pics of rare pieces from way back at the start of the scene in the eighties where the quality of the pic is quite poor (probably due to the quality of the camera used). Is there any way of digitally enhancing those couple of photos to bring out the color and definition a bit better? Other than that no complaints with my purchase. You should buy this book now! Dice is a legend!!!

posted at 08:13am Nov 04 PST


katlady77 says

Hi Dice, I was told about this wonderful book and thought Id say Hi and take a look it looks amazing - I have placed my order and cant wait to see it I love the art on the trains Yey!

posted at 02:17am Nov 01 PST


Halimot says

looks interesting! nice photography

posted at 02:36pm Oct 26 PST


whaler33 says

It appears interesting for sure, but most viewers will want to see at least 15 pages in order to assess the book. Let me know if you decide to do that please <>

posted at 12:37am Oct 26 PST


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