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Youth: a Look into the Free

The Youth book, Volume I, is the start of a series of work and love based on the current. It is a culmination of youthful personalities, taking full advantage of their surroundings, and an interpretive color correction method that I have been working on. The color corrections and adjustments to saturation and contrast are interpretations of mood and character, directly corresponding to each photograph and representing the vigor of this generation. By taking advantage of jpeg deterioration during color shifts, I have come upon a digital technique that is more hands-on than those in photoshop. I get to see and work towards the evolution of the photograph. Even further, each page of the book is specifically arranged and designed in correlation to the other images as to portray the essence of this group of people. Being very close friends with the models, my access to shoot was nearly unlimited, and the result is and intimacy and candidness that can be absent from work with hired models. The first book is merely a preface of the series. It shows the reader this new technique, while giving introductory information about the real life characters. It will likely be the gentler look into this unique lifestyle that derives outside of the stereotypical cornfield of Indiana. The people portrayed are undergrads, overgrads, or people who have never left the idea of a life of free exploration and enjoyment of the given environment, a life that is often hidden from the eyes of many local and visiting Hoosiers. This place and the mindset that revolves around it is the sanity of these people. These friends and places are where I have discovered my sanity. – Jason Lukas


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J. Lukas
jasonlukas Northern Indiana
J. Lukas was born in Northern Indiana and has grown up within the "island" of Beverly Shores, which is nestled between the Indiana National Lakeshore, the Indiana State Park, and the shores of Lake Michigan. "Deer running, creating teepees, and make believe; my childhood consisted of running through the woods, where pine cones were food. The white-tails were allies rather than friends or enemies. Birch bark became currency and coyotes loomed over each little hill. You could scare yourself out there, you could scare yourself alive. The monsters were out there. They were alive. The trees were breathing."

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