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The human form is natures’ canvas. It is a moving, breathing, functional work of art that has been reproduced in paintings, sculpture and photos. For many artists, it is the preferred subject, yet despite the abundance of work depicting it, the nude form still produces mixed emotions in those that view it. There are those who would seek to cover it up, but there is nothing more natural than nakedness, for it is the way each of us is brought into this world.

TORSO is a collection of photos depicting the nude male, which is arguably the most taboo in the genre. Full frontal male nudity is still censored in most films and even some gallery exhibitions. This book does not only depict the form, but also the function of the male body and contains images that some might view as sexually explicit. It marks the first time some of these images have been publicly displayed.


About the Author

Sean Dibble
rSEANd Mt. Rainier, MD

rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY is a moniker adopted by R. Sean Dibble. He is based in Mt. Rainier, Md.

His first love was writing, including fiction, prose and songs, but he eventually found a deeper passion. Sean began taking pictures at the age of 14, and his images have included animals, nature and scenery, but he has always primarily photographed people. He concentrates mainly on male imagery presently, but his earliest portraits were solely of females.

When asked to describe his style, Sean simply says, “photography is a self-expressive art form, and I basically take pictures that appeal to my own artistic sensibilities.”

Sean’s images have appeared in Bruno Gmunder publications like Cock Tales, Beautiful Mag, YVY Magazine, Gazelle Magazine, ZOOGram, NEXT Media, Artistry of Male, Pink Rendezvous, Men and Photographers, and, Sean also has his own online magazine – BLISS Male Mag, which features images and interviews of other artists whom he admires or is inspired by.

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