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Edifici scrostati e decadenti per l'assenza di manutenzione dovuta all'embargo; vecchie macchine anni 50 abbandonate dagli americani in frettolosa fuga per l'arrivo della Rivoluzione; cartelloni di pro paganda ideologica; la vita nelle calli del barrio; il centro città coloniale; la musica; la poesia e molto altro.
Tutto questo, e non solo, è L'Avana; spero di averlo raccontato bene.

Scraped and decadent buildings, for the absence of maintenance due to the embargo, 50 years old cars abandoned by the Americans in hurried escape due to the arrival of the Revolution; ideological propaganda posters, life in the streets of the barrio, the colonial downtown, the music, the poetry and much more.
All this and not only is The Havana, I hope of having told well.


About the Author

Davide Cherubini aka Stefano Bertozzi
DavideCherub Roma, Italy

I like to photograph anything that inspires me; I like to find beauty where others don't... because the Beauty, like Verity and Goodness, is an antidote against pessimism, an invite to enjoy life. My photographic effort is therefore devoted to communicate and transmit the Beauty using light, perspective, colour and composition motivated by the passion, by the curiosity, by the patience and by the perseverance. In fact it is the passion and perseverance that drive me to come back more times and at improbable time in the same place waiting for the better light and framing, the most favourable moment o simply to put at ease the subject.
I think that photography helps to see what surrounds us, which we often overlook. The camera helps me to avoid this error.

Publish Date  November 01, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  80 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel


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