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Robots are an artist collective based in London, ( U K ).
Working since the Summer of 2009, Robots aim to shine a new light on public art. Heavily influenced by comics, graffiti and the contents of skips, Robots>>>> have captured the interest of the art world and media and have recently appeared in print in the New York Times.

Robots>>>> work predominately in reclaimed and recycled wood, old furniture and pieces that have been disregarded by others, working on the premise that one mans rubbish is another mans gold. The aesthetic of these sculptures are entirely determined by the resources available as well as being completely sustainable in a time when resources and finances need to be considered. The sculptures also inform and teach about recycling of materials.

All sculptures are site specific, whether this be in the middle of a field or hanging from the side of a building. Each piece is considered and designed to become part of it’s environment.


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ROBOTS>>>> 2010 - photo book
Published August 02, 2010
ROBOTS>>>> - photo book
Published August 30, 2009

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